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We are a newly-founded, Greek-owned export company, which focuses on the trade and sale of high quality olive oil and honey.

With regards to olive oil, we cooperate with producers from all over Greece who provide us with their extra virgin olive oil. As to honey, our producers provide us with pure pine honey, free of pesticides.

Being aware of our customers’ diversified needs, our company is able to provide them with products at any quantity and quality, always in accordance with the nutritional rules and the regulatory provisions applicable in the European Union, as well as packages of any size, provided that such size is included in our olive oil and honey product catalogue.

R FOR RURAL’s purpose is to provide the best possible services to its customers, always respecting their needs and building a mutual trust relationship.

R FOR RURAL’s aim is to keep growing and add more agricultural products to our catalogue. Of course, customer satisfaction and the provision of pure Greek products will always remain our top priority.